The Austin Group, established in 1979, is a consortium of engineering and construction companies that operate in diversified sectors of the construction industry. Since its inception, the Group has focused on churning out residential and commercial projects that raise the standard of living and enhance the quality of life.

From luxury-defining edifices in the plushest of urban precincts, to budget-accommodating residences that raise benchmarks with equal panache, the Austin Group is committed to creating lifestyle solutions that don't just answer aspirations but anticipate them. PROGRESSIVE INNOVATION

Founded by the multi-faceted, Santaji Patil, the Austin Group holds an edge over the competition with its in-depth knowledge and its hallmark to metamorphose opulence into elegance.

The companies that constitute the Group:
  • M/s Patil Builders
  • Riddhi Siddhi Developers
  • Austin Engineers
  • Austin Realties
  • Austin Realtors
  • Austin Landmarks
  • Austin Properties
  • The Royal Constructions
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